Artist Interview with Christopher Thomas

Christopher Thomas was the first artist to paint a room on an exchange basis at Hostal Plaza San Pedro, the arthostel on the Costa del Sol.  To be honest I (Karen) was a bit worried about what a room would look like themed by a Graffiti artist, but my fears were for nothing Christ did an amazing job. We then commissioned him to do five other rooms for us.  Here is the artist interview he did for us.
Where are you from?

The good ol’ United Kingdom of England man!


How did you come to hear about Hostal Plaza San Pedro?

After arriving back from Boom Town festival   in the UK, I was greeted with a little red icon on the top of my facebook profile that implied a new message. What was received, was a warm invitation to come join forces with the creative people of Hostal Plaza, and enjoy painting some artwork on their many walls and areas.


What art work have you done at the hostel and what was your inspiration

June 2013 -

The Blue room, The Blue room private courtyard. A flying bee on the roof terrace!

September 2013 -

The Music room, The Dream room, The Tiger room, The Orange room, The Fear and Loathing room, The exterior, and another sneaky drunken bee on the roof terrace!

Inspiration – The family, the surroundings, the climate, the tapas, the Adlerbrau, and life in general


What did you enjoy about the experience of painting at the Hostel?

Wow, what can i say my friend, Hostal Plaza has become a second home to me. When visiting, you are immediately surrounded by so many genuine, interesting and creative individuals that make up the whole family there. Theres that immediate sense of feeling ‘right at home’ with the place.

And of course, from an Artists point of view,as long as you can add to the beautiful arrangement of art there, then you are given a pretty much free creative licence on a particular area.

But yeah,its always been a great space to really develop artistic freedom and to generally love life!


What is your usual medium to work in?

Right Hand, Spray Can, Paint Brush, Emulsion, Paint Pen, Ink, Fine Liner, Biro, Pencil, Stencils, Posters, 3D, Crayon, Apple Mac.


Are you looking for commissions and if so how can our readers get in touch with you?

If YOUR readers are looking for commissions, then u’ve come to the right man…



What is your passion in life?

Passion in general and ummmmm…..Realllllly spicy food


What would be your dream commission

Painting a dog named Saber

Here is a little video we have made showing some of the work Christopher Thomas did for us.

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