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906507_566766853413519_1074459021_oBon came to Hostal Plaza on an exchange basis to swop his art work for a holiday in our Art Hostel Spain.  We loved having him and his girlfriend to stay.  We also loved the canvases he created for us and the sneaky bit of graffiti and stickers that he left in the hostel.

This is what Bon thought of the experience.

Artists Interview

Where are you from?

I was born in Poland, but living in Ireland

How did you come to hear about Hostal Plaza, San Pedro, Spain.

I got the message of Hostal Plaza with an invitation to paint over there

What art work have you done at the hostel and what was your inspiration?

I did art work on canvas. Inspiration was the weather and people surround 

What did you enjoy about the experience of painting at the hostel?

I had a chance to paint in a wonderful place 

What is your usual medium to work in?

From paper, canvas, board to walls. Everywhere I can. Anything is good to be used as medium.

Are you looking for commissions and if so how can our readers get in touch with you?

Yes, I can be contacted via e-mail or

What is your passion in life?

Making art!

What would be your dream commission?

Anything is special and unique.

Bon combined 1 bon combined 2 bon combined 3

Thanks again BON !!


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