Interview with Papa Spyk



                                                Interesting Guest Interview.
                                        PAPA SPYK
Papa Spyk stayed at  Hostal Plaza San Pedro for a week and was one of our most interesting guests.  Spyk had a very successful career as an actor,stuntman, model and rugby player. This life style introduced him to  drug culture and he started using. This eventually had such an affect on his health  he nearly died, he has been fighting his way back to good health ever since.  He has written a book which is helping people realize the consequence of drug taking. His life story is also being made into a movie. Here is the interview I did with Spyk.
spyke devilspyk gunimage8
I have given a brief outline of your very interesting life Spyk what would you like to add? Tell us the spicy bits like who you met and your most interesting memory.
One of the most interesting people I have had a pleasure to meet was Arnold Schwarzenegger who I had the pleasure to stay with and train with for two weeks in LA and after that he asked me to be his personal bodyguard for him and his wife at the Cannes Film Festival for the launch of his movie Terminator 2. Arnold too has suffered numerous heart attacks like I have due to steroid abuse.
Other people I’ve met are Sylvester Stallone, Jean-Claude Van Damn, Johnny Rotten, Eric Roberts, Dolph Lundgrend and a few other Hollywood stars. 
How can people read about your life story?
“Anyone can go to my website and read the synopsis to my story and also order a copy of my book called, A Naughty Thing Called Life…The Papa Spyk Story at 
And you can also order a copy of my book straight from my publisher at
Please tell us briefly about the movie and how people can get involved with the project.
“You can contact me on my personal email and send me your CV.”  Also take a look at the pre movie documentary on
What is the motivation that keeps you going.
“My daughter Angelyna gives me the strength to keep going and motivates me to succeed in life, she is my very own little Angel.”
What are your long term goals.
“To be healthy and over  my health issues I have suffered through for the last 20 years and make my book into an international best seller and  have it made into a film that will inspire millions around the world.”
You stayed with us at Hostal Plaza San Pedro Spain,
the art hostel on the Costa del Sol, did you enjoy your stay.
“I absolutely loved my stay at Hostal Plaza San Pedro and was made to feel so at home and comfortable I really didn’t want to leave .  I will be back in September”

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